gameing community involed with modern warfare 2 gamebattles ranking system squads and all that stuff
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 Rules And Ranking Structure

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PostSubject: Rules And Ranking Structure   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:09 am


1) No Disrespecting Higher Ranks.

2) Can not be in other Clans. A.K.A. Loyalty.

3) Be Committed.

4) At times of war, NO contact with enemy clan.

5) Follow orders.

*There are consequences to those who break the rules*


Decoys- new members, front line infantry. (RnK7)

Sentinels- they recruit others, and are basic soldiers. (RnK6)

Enforcers- run squads, teach the Decoys, report anything to the Overseers. (RnK5)

Suppressors- aid Overseers. (RnK4)

Overseers- run Divisions. (RnK3)

Chancellor- reports VITAL info directly to Founder and Descendant of the clan, and helps them make decisions.


Renegades- most skillful players, our most elite. (RnK2)

Security- made up of hackers, are smart with video games, and make consequences happen. (RnKS)
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Rules And Ranking Structure
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