gameing community involed with modern warfare 2 gamebattles ranking system squads and all that stuff
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Hey guys welcome to RnK forums it is still in progress and it is going very well so far, REMEMBER TO SIGN INTO THE ATTENDANCE CHART

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PostSubject: Consequences   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:21 am

For Breaking Rule #1:

1) Warning.

2) Depending on your rank and skill, results in demotion, or expulsion.

For Breaking Rule #2:

1) Automatic expulsion.

2) Get Hacked.

For Breaking Rule #3:

1) Warning.

2) Demotion (counts only for higher ranks)

For Breaking Rule #4:

1) Depending on Information given to others, results in Demotion to the rank of Decoy.

For Breaking Rule #5:

1) Warning.

2) Demotion.

3) Expulsion.
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